Over TIME!

As I reflect on my progress of my GAME plan, posted two weeks ago, I find myself almost in the same position as when I created the plan. I have not made much progress lately, but in my own defense, I have not had the opportunity in the past two tremendously busy weeks to engage in face to face conversations.

Last week I asked you, the readers, to suggest new areas where I may find engaging and useful conversations taking place about education and technology integration. One of you shared your thoughts and suggestions of other areas on the web where meaningful discussions may be taking place, but I have not taken the time to explore them as of yet.

Twitter continues to be may main flow of information. I follow over 600 educators from around the world who seem to share great resources, engage in difficult discussions about educational reform and change, and for the most part, have a very positive attitude toward what they do each and every day. This gives me the opportunity to learn, to explore, and to allow me to feel recharged after following a discussion about students exploring ideas about developing their own curriculum and learning without textbooks.

In the next three weeks, I will have the opportunity to teach an online class to a small group of teachers, present at a regional technology conference in the state of Montana, and attend and present at the ISTE conference in Philadelphia. I am excited to be involved on so many levels, but I am really looking forward to the potential conversations that will occur at all of these venues. I am also looking forward to meeting many fine educators who demonstrate their passion for their profession by attending these events during their summer breaks. If you are one of those who may be attending any of these events, let me know. I will buy a morning Latte for you in exchange for meaningful conversation.

Please stay tuned…I plan on sharing some of these encounters.


~ by Dean Phillips on May 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Over TIME!”

  1. Dean:

    I can understand how busy you are this time of year! Even though you may not have been able to work on your action plan this week, it seems as thought you will be very busy learning, improving, and implementing new skills, lessons, and technologies this summer. You must be very excited about teaching an on-line class and being a presenter at the ISTE conference? I will be staying in tune and following your blog to hear how it went.

  2. I have had challenges too. I know at the end of the year at my school there is just so much going on in the building. Field trips, awards, benchmark testing can call be overwhelming. Just continute to try your best and even if you are making small steps closer to your goal you are still in a better place than you were the day before.

  3. Dean,
    I too have found difficulty trying to look into technological tools and how they work. I sometimes feel like teachers should have been built like octopi. If we had more hands we would be able to multitask the way everyone relies on us too. Keep your head up and stay positive. Try to find a few spare minutes hear and there to look into just one technology tool. If you still find this difficult then maybe this part of your plan will not be completed until summer begins. Keep up the good work!

  4. Dean,
    Even though you have not done much research, it sounds like you will be doing as I am and using the summer and upcoming events to illicit information. The technology conferences are my favorite way to get information, ideas and to be emerged with people who have the same passion for technology that I share. Good luck with your presentation.

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