Okay, so as you know I use Twitter to further my research in the field of education tech tools. I follow some pretty interesting people who share lots and lots of information with anyone who may listen, like Richard Byrne, Wes Fryer, Tony Vincent etc.

This past week, I have been exploring other avenues to find information as well. LinkedIn has become a place where many valuable discussions are beginning to take place. I am a quiet member of two groups, Technology Integration in Education, and Game Based Learning. Both of these groups have dialogue and resources from many people all around the globe. This is a new forum for me, but I am finding more and more significance as I spend more and more time in LinkedIn.

As I extend further into this digital world, I ask you for advice: Where are other great conversations taking place? Where do you find resources and conversations that are meaningful, relevant, and real? I would enjoy hearing from you and look forward to exploring some recommended resources.


~ by Dean Phillips on May 18, 2011.

One Response to “Timeout!”

  1. […] Last week I asked you, the readers, to suggest new areas where I may find engaging and useful conversations taking place about education and technology integration. One of you shared your thoughts and suggestions of other areas on the web where meaningful discussions may be taking place, but I have not taken the time to explore them as of yet. […]

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