OtterBox in Schools

This past January, I had the opportunity to attend my first CES event in Las Vegas. I was amazed at the number of people and all of the unique gadgets that were being unveiled, but I tended to head to vendors that were familiar to me. One such vendor was the OtterBox booth.

Long ago, I became an OtterBox fan. I was spending lots of time on rivers in Western Montana and needed a way to safely protect valuables from impacts and water. OtterBox was there with their waterproof, impact resistent boxes that quickly became a familiar object inside the raft. They performed flawlessly and saved numerous items from being destroyed by exposure to moisture in a not so controllable environment.

Fast forward about 20 years. I was looking for a cover for my recently purchased iPad when a colleague showed up to a meeting with a rugged looking case wrapped around her iPad. I was immediately intrigued by the rugged yet functional look and features, and it wasn’t long before my iPad was also wrapped in the OtterBox case.

So when I came upon the OtterBox booth at CES this year, I wanted to stop and share my story and let them know how much I liked the case and its features. The conversation quickly progressed and due to my current position as a regional technology integration specialist in Montana, they suggested entering into a conversation about how we could work together and implement some of these cases into the educational environment.

A few weeks passed, and as I thought about the conversation that seemed too good to be true, I actually followed up with a phone call. I got in touch with Paul. We discussed a few options and spoke of devices that were in place in schools in our region. Shortly thereafter, I received a package, plumb full of the OtterBox Defender cases for the iPod touch and iPad. I was thrilled to say the least!

As I made my rounds to schools throughout my region, we decided to put covers on half of the devices in lucky schools to collect some data about how the cases performed in this setting. Immediately the students were thrilled. Not only did the case give the devices protection, but gave them the “cool” factor as well. Devices were covered, display screens were protected, and everyone was happy.

Immediate feedback was given by the students. They could actually “feel” the difference, and now felt more comfortable handling the devices because of the tacky, but not sticky, rubberized coating, the rounded edges, and the structurally sound high-impact polycarbonate that makes up the backbone of the Defender series cases. One student, who was in the middle of digging a homework assignment out of a less than organized desk, immediately observed that the iPod no longer slid off of his desktop while the desk was being opened due to the rubberized outer coating. +1 for OtterBox thus far!

Although I don’t have a lot of information to share yet, we are collecting data on number of drops on all devices, and the number of devices that do encounter drops that no longer function. Hopefully we can collect some data to share with the folks at OtterBox as well as all of you who may be interested.

So, for now, thanks OtterBox, and we hope to gather and share some information in the near future!


~ by Dean Phillips on April 27, 2011.

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